Report Analysis

Report Analysis Questions

  1. What areas of students’ performance are at or above expectations?
  2. What areas of student performance are below expectations?
  3. How did various groups (e.g. gender, race, socioeconomic, disability, English proficiency) of students perform?
  4. What are other data telling us about student performance in this area that confirms or creates additional questions?
  5. What confirms what we already know? What challenges what we thought?
  6. What important observations seem to “pop out” from the data? Surprising observations? Unexpected observations?
  7. What patterns or trends appear?
  8. What similarities and differences exist across various data sources?
  9. What do we observe at the school level? The grade level? The class level?
  10. What are some things we have not yet explored? What other data do we want to examine?