STEP 3: Add Students to the Portal

Adding a Single Student

There are two ways to add students to the Portal one at a time. The method you use depends on whether you have already set up a test session.

  • If you have a test session set up, see Editing a Test Session by Adding or Removing Students.
  • If you do not have a test session set up, use the Add Student window to add a student (see below).

DRC BEACON Manage Students

  1. To add a student to the Portal using the Add Student window, open the All Applications menu bar and click Manage Students in the Student Management menu. The Manage Students page appears.
  2. Select an administration, district, and school, and click Add Student at the bottom of the page. The Add Student window appears.
  3. Enter the necessary information using the Student Detail, Accommodations, and Demographics tabs.
  4. Note: The Student Groups tab is display-only: you cannot enter data; the tab shows student group membership if assigned.
  5. Click Save to save your results, Save & Add Another to save your results and add another student, or Cancel to cancel the process without saving your changes.

Adding Multiple Students

STEP 1.5

Add Users to the Portal


Create and Manage Test Sessions