STEP 1: Introduction to DRC BEACON

DRC BEACON is an online interim assessment that illuminates student learning needs and measures student progress throughout the year. It allows grade 3–8 educators to target instruction and make informed decisions.

Because the test adapts to the student’s level, results have more relevant data in shorter time. In addition, fewer test items are needed to achieve results and reports supply specific data identifying the support a student needs. All of this translates to more time for instruction and learning.

This online user guide, the DRC INSIGHT Portal Guide for DRC BEACON, describes the administrative portion of DRC BEACON known as the DRC Portal (or Portal), a secure, hyper-linked  gateway to all of the testing functions and tools that DRC BEACON (or BEACON) users are allowed to access.

From the Portal, BEACON users can perform the tasks necessary to prepare for BEACON testing, perform BEACON testing, and report on the results of BEACON testing.

Estimated Testing Times Table
STEP 1.5

Adding Users to the Portal