Importing Rosters

Before you begin

Imported rosters must use a CSV roster file layout that can be read by Rostering. To access the CSV roster sample file and information to help you complete it, see the Roster Import Layout Instructions

When the CSV files are complete, follow these steps

If there are student roster CSV files saved on your system, you can import them into Rostering as follows:

  1. On the Roster tab, click the Import Roster button or on the Import Management tab, click the Start New Import button. In either case, the Import Roster windows displays.
  2. Complete the fields as follows:
    • Import Job Title: Enter a recognizable name for the roster.
    • Select Import Type: Select Rosters.
    • Click Browse to navigate to the files on your system or you can drag and drop the files into the drag and drop area of the window.
  3. Click the Start Import button to import the files into Rostering. The import job displays in the Import Management grid. While the job is being processed, the status for the job is In Progress.
  4. When the import job completes, it will be in IMPORT ERRORS status or NO SUBJECT ASSIGNED status.

If the job is in IMPORT ERRORS status, click the job to display the error report. Update your CSV file to fix all of the errors shown in the error report.

Once you have corrected the errors in the CSV file, click the Re-import button, then select the file. Click Start Import to import the updated file.