Pausing, Exiting, Submitting, and Retaking Tests

Breaks can be provided during the test session using the software’s “Pause” feature. If the test is paused for more than 20 minutes, the student will be logged out and will need to re-enter their username and password to resume the test.

If the student wishes to stop the test but intends to resume at a later time, the software’s “Exit” feature can be used. The student will need to re-enter their username and password in order to resume the test. All previous responses will be retained.

After responding to the last item, the student will be taken to the review screen prompting them to review answers (marked and unmarked) for all items prior to submitting the test. At that point, the student can either click the “Return to Questions” button to answer previously unanswered questions or review their answers or press “End Test” to submit the test. Once the student has pressed the “End Test” button, the student must provide a confirmation that they are done.