STEP 4: Create and Manage Rosters

Creating a Roster

  1. To create a roster, select Rostering from the drop-down menu under Participant Preparation.
  2. Next, select a site where you would like to create a new roster.
  3. On the Rosters tab, click the Create Roster button. The New Roster window displays. Complete the fields on the window as follows:
    • Roster Name: Enter an identifiable name for the roster.
    • Owner: Select the roster owner. Note: The roster owner is the Test Administrator to whom you want to grant access to the student data and test results.
    • Description (optional): Enter a description for the roster. Adding a description will help distinguish this roster from other rosters at the site.
  4. Click the Save and Continue button.
  5. On the Participants List tab, click the Add Participants button. The Add Participants tool displays.
  6. Use the filters to help you find students. Use the checkboxes to select the students.
  7. When all students are selected, click the Add button. The Add Students tool closes and you are returned to the Students tab.
  8. Click Done.  The new roster will now appear in the list of all rosters for this site. 

Importing Rosters

Rosters can also be imported using a Student Roster CSV file. 

On the Rosters tab, click the Import Roster button to access Import Management.

A sample CSV file is available by clicking the Sample Files button. Note: Additional data formatting rules for the CSV file can be found in online help under the “Reference the Roster Import Layout Instructions” topic. 

Once you have the CSV file completed and saved, click the Start New Import button.

    • Enter a recognizable name for the roster.
    • Select Rosters as the Import Type.
    • Click Browse to navigate to the files on your system, or you can drag and drop the file into the drag and drop area of the window.

Click the Start Import button to import the file into Rostering. The import job displays in the Import Management grid. While the job is being processed, the status for the job is IN PROGRESS.

When an import job completes successfully, the status will display as COMPLETED

If an import job does not complete successfully, an error status will display. Click the job name to display the error report, which will provide the details needed to find and correct the errors.

Once you have corrected the errors in the CSV file, click the Re-import button, then select the file. Click Start Import to import the updated file.

Viewing and Editing Rosters

To view rosters:

  1. Select the Roster(s) tab to see all rosters for the site. You can filter the list of rosters by using the filters on the left side of the screen, or by clicking on the column headers.
  2. Click on a roster name to view details or edit the roster.

To add additional students to an existing roster:

  1. Click the Participant(s) List tab.
  2. Click Add Participant(s) to add participants.
  3. Select the checkboxes next to the student(s) to add them to the roster
  4. Once students have been added to the roster, select Add to complete the update.

To remove students from an existing roster:

  1. Select the students you want to remove from the roster.
  2. Click Remove Participant(s) to remove participants.

To delete a roster:

  1. To delete a roster entirely, select the roster you would like to delete and click Delete.