Activate and Inactivate Users

Activating or Inactivating a User

  1. Open the My Applications menu bar, select User Management to display the User Administration page and select the Edit User tab.
    DRC BEACON User Administration Edit User Tab
  2. Use the various drop-down menus and fields to enter search criteria to help locate the user, and click Find User.
  3. To activate a user, in the Action column click the Activate icon (activate icon) For the user you want to activate. When the user is activated, the following message displays: The user has been activated.
  4. To inactive a user, in the Action column, click the Inactivate icon (inactivate icon) for the user you want to make inactive. When the user is inactivated the following message displays: You have requested to inactivate user ‘name Account (’. Are you sure? When the Inactivate User dialog box displays, click Inactivate to make the user inactive or Cancel to cancel the process.