STEP 8: Access Student Training

Online Practice Materials

DRC’s online practice materials, called Online Tools Training, or OTT, provides an introductory hands-on experience using DRC INSIGHT in preparation for taking an online test. Online Tools Training is publicly available and login information is provided on the login screen.

You can access the Online Tools Training via the link provided on the DRC BEACON login page, by clicking on the DRC INSIGHT application on a device that has DRC INSIGHT installed, or by opening the following site in a web browser:

Note: If using an iPad, open Online Tools Training in the native Safari browser. All other devices should access Online Tools Training using a Chrome browser.

  1. From the OTT home page, click the Online Tools Training link. 
  2. A variety of practice tests are available with different tools and accommodations. The student should select the test from the training menu that represents the actual test that they will be assigned to.
  3. A username and password is provided on the sign in screen. Enter the username and password into the white text entry boxes, and click Sign In.
  4. The Online Tools Training will display sample student profile information. Click Continue.
  5. Click on the test link to start the practice test.
  6. Test directions provide information on answering questions, navigating through the test, available tools, and helpful testing hints. These are the same test instructions that a student will see in the actual test. 
  7. Continue to click the Next button to navigate through the test directions, and click the Begin The Test button to begin the practice test.

On the sample test, students can practice all of the features, tools, supports, and accommodations they could encounter on the operational assessment. As students navigate through the practice test they will have the opportunity to practice interacting with the different types of items that are representative of actual test items they could encounter. When complete, the practice test can be restarted or exited.


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