Update User Permissions for a New Administration

To copy users’ permissions from a previous administration to a new administration in the DRC INSIGHT Portal:

  1. Select User Management from the main drop-down menu and select the Administration from which permissions should be copied.  
  2. Choose the User Role (which is optional) and District, and select Find User.
  3. Copy permissions on the Profiles tab by placing a check in the checkbox to the left of the user name(s), or select the checkbox in the header bar to select all users.
    Note: Be certain you are selecting only users who need permissions for the new administration.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Copy to New Administrations.
  5. Choose the New Administration or multiple administrations and select Submit.

Each user updated during this process will receive an email at the address associated with the users’ profile indicating that a new profile has been created.