STEP 4: Add A Student Group To The Portal

Student Groups should be named so that other system users can clearly distinguish one Student Group from another.

Note: The combination of the Group Name and the Test Examiner name must be unique to the Administration, District, and School selected (click Example).

  1. Open the My Applications menu bar and select Student Group Management to display the Manage Student Groups page.
    Manage Student Groups Screen
  2. Click Add Student Group. The Add Student Group page displays.
    Add Student Group Screen
  3. Enter a Group Name for the student group.
  4. Select a new teacher from the drop-down menu, or click Add to add a teacher to the Portal, and then select the teacher for the student group.Note: You can filter by Teacher to return all students who have been associated to a student group for the selected test administrator.
  5. If you need to add a student to the student group and they are not in the Portal, click New Student to display the Add Student page. You can use this page to add students to the Portal. After adding the student to the Portal, you can add the student to a student group.
  6. Enter search criteria and click Find Students. The students that meet your criteria display in the Available Students column.
  7. Select a student and double-click to edit the student’s information, or use the Add Selected (add selected icon), Remove Selected (remove selected icon), Add All (add all icon), and Remove All (remove all icon) icons with the Available Students and Students in Session lists to select one or more students to remove or add.

    To select multiple students in sequence, press the Shift key, select the students, and click the mouse button. To select multiple students not in sequence, press the Ctrl key, select the students, and click the mouse button.
  8. Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to cancel them.