View & Export Test Session Status Details

The test session status display provides each student’s test ticket status, the time the student started the test, and the time the student completed the test.

You can use this information to verify that all of the students in a session have completed their tests.

  1. To view or export the status of a test session, open the My Applications menu bar and click the Manage Test Sessions option from the Test Management menu to display the Test Sessions page.
    Screenshot of Test Sessions page, under the Manage Test Sessions
  2. Enter your search criteria and click Show Sessions. The Session Detail window displays.
    Screenshot of Show Test Sessions window on DRC BEACON portal
  3. Click the Edit/Print Ticket Status icon (Edit/Print Ticket icon) from the Session Detail window in the Action column for the test session details you want to view or export. The details for the test session you selected display in the Testing Status window.
    Test Session Screenshot from DRC BEACON portal
  4. You can search for students on the Testing Status window by Last Name, Status, or Status by Module. Enter your search criteria or select from the drop-down menus.
    Click Filter to display the results or Clear to clear your selections. When you are finished, click Close.
    Screenshot of Show Sessions page of DRC BEACON Portal
  5. When the Session Detail window re-displays, to export one or more test session statuses to a spreadsheet file (.xls) that you can save, view, edit, or print, check the Select checkbox next to each test session status you want to export and click Export to Excel.