Export Test Sessions

You can export the details of one or more test sessions to a comma-separated value (.csv) file to save, view, edit, or print in a spreadsheet.

  1. To export a test session, open the My Applications menu bar and click the Manage Test Sessions option from the Test Management menu to display the Test Sessions page.

Screenshot of export tests in DRC BEACON portal

  • To export details for a single test session, click the Export Details icon (Export details icon) from the Session Detail window in the Action column for the test session that you want to export. The test session details are exported to a .csv file that you can save, view, edit, or print.
  • To export details for specific test sessions, select the test sessions by checking the checkbox for each session in the Select column and click Export Student Details. To export all test sessions, click Export Student Details without selecting any test sessions.Note: Depending on the browser you are using, a dialog box may appear for you to use to open or download the file.