End Incomplete Tests

Use the End Incomplete Test option when a student is not going to complete a part or a session of a multi-part assessment or test.

For example, when a student needs to complete only one of two parts of a test, you can end the test for the part the student will not complete and force a status of “complete” even though the other part of the test was neither administered nor taken.

  1. Open the My Applications menu bar, click Test Management, and click Manage Test Sessions to display the Test Sessions page.
    Screenshot of managing test session on how to end incomplete tests
  2. Click Show Sessions.
  3. Click the Edit/Print Ticket Status icon (edit/print test ticket status icon) from the Session Detail window in the Action column for the test session. The details for the test session you selected display in the Testing Status window.
    detailed screenshot of Testing status page, and how to end incomplete tests
  4. You can search for students on the Testing Status window by Last Name, Status, or Status by Module. Enter your search criteria or select from the drop-down menus. Click Filter to display the results or Clear to clear your selections.
  5. Click the End Incomplete Tests icon (end incomplete tests icon) for the student. A confirmation dialog box displays.
  6. Click End Incomplete Test to force the test status to Complete or click Cancel to cancel the action.