Delete Teachers

You can delete teachers from Teacher Management at any time. When a teacher is deleted using the Teacher Management menu, the student groups associated with the teacher are deleted, too. Deleted teachers are disassociated with test sessions, but the test sessions remain intact.

Important note icon Important: Deleting a teacher using the Teacher Management menu does not delete the user from the Portal. Before deleting a teacher, find all student groups associated with the teacher and reassign them. When a teacher is deleted, the student groups associated with the teacher are also deleted.

  1. Open the All Applications menu bar and select Teacher Management to display the Manage Teachers window.
    DRC BEACON Manage Teachers screenshot
  2. Enter or select your selection criteria and click Find Teachers. Teachers that match your selection criteria display at the bottom of the window.
  3. You can select one or more teachers and click Delete Teacher to remove the teacher(s) from Teacher Management.
  4. A confirmation dialog displays. Click Delete Teacher to continue or click Cancel to return to the Manage Teachers window.