Create a Test Session from a Student Group

You can create a test session for a student group using the Add Test Session window. Although you can name a test session whatever you like, you should use a name that relates to the Student Group name.

  1. Open the My Applications menu bar and select Student Group Management to display the Manage Student Groups page.
    Manage Student Groups Screen
  2. On the Manage Student Groups page in the Action column, click the Add to Session () icon. The Add Test Session page displays.
    Add Test Session Screen
  3. Enter a Session Name for the test session and other details. Fields with a red asterisk (*) are required. The students in the selected student group display in the Available Students column.
  4. Use the Add Selected (add selected icon), Remove Selected (remove selected icon), Add All (add all icon), and Remove All (remove all icon) icons with the Available Students and Students in Session lists to select one or more students to remove or add.
  5. Click Save to save your changes, Save & Add Another to save your changes and create another test session for the selected student group, or Cancel to cancel your changes.