Designate Users as Teachers

You can designate users as teachers in the Portal one at a time, or designate multiple teachers at once via a file upload. Teachers must be designated for each district and school to be associated with that district/school’s test sessions and/or student groups.

Exclamation Point Icon to draw attention to this section Important: DRC recommends that you use the same name and email address values for User Management and Teacher Management.

Designate a User as a Teacher

  1. To add a teacher, open the All Applications menu bar and select Teacher Management to display the Manage Teachers page.
    Screenshot of How to edit Teacher information in DRC BEACON portal
  2. Make your filtering selections from the drop-down menus and fields (required fields are indicated by a red asterisk [*]) and click Add Teacher.
  3. When the Add Teacher dialog box displays, enter the last name, first name, and email address for the teacher. Click Save to save the record and return to the Manage Teachers page, Save & Add Another to save the record and re-display the Add Teacher dialog box to add another teacher, or Cancel to cancel the process.
    Screenshot of details needed for Teachers to be added to the DRC BEACON portal
  4. If you added a teacher, when the Manage Teachers page re-appears and a message displays indicating that the teacher has been added.

Designate Multiple Users as Teachers

You can simultaneously designate multiple teachers to the Portal by uploading a file using the Upload Multiple Teachers process.

  1. To upload multiple teacher records, open the My Applications menu bar, select Teacher Management to display the Manage Teacher page, and select the Upload Multiple Teachers tab.
    Screenshot of how to upload multiple teachers to the BEACON Portal
  2. Use the drop-down menu filtering options to select the correct administration, district, and school. The Upload Multiple Teachers tab contains links to both a sample PDF file that contains instructions and a sample .csv file that you can use to create the actual file. Click the Download the File Layout link to display the Upload Multiple Teachers File Layout file. This file displays the required layout of the .csv file you will upload to DRC with rules, instructions, and examples describing how to create and format the file. Click the Sample File link to download or display the SampleTeacherFile.csv file. This file is only a sample of the type of file you will upload to DRC. Note: Depending on the browser you are using, a dialog box may appear for you to use to open or download the file.
  3. Use the SampleTeacherFile.txt file to create, rename, and save a teacher file to upload. Note: Be sure to keep the header column rows in the file you upload.
  4. After you have created a teachers file, click Browse to locate it, select the file, and click Open to display it in the File field of the Upload Multiple Teachers tab.
  5. Click Upload. A message displays indicating the file has been transferred and is being checked for errors. After the file has been validated, you can review its status. If the file contains errors, you must correct them and repeat Steps 4 and 5.

Interactive Video: Designating Teachers

This interactive video describes how to designate teachers to DRC BEACON, both individually and in groups.