Student Testing Materials

Students will need:

  • Testing device such as a desktop or laptop computer, iPad or Chromebook
  • Student test ticket or login information (username and password)
  • Headphones if taking the listening portion of any assessment OR if taking any test with the TTS support/accommodation enabled. No microphone is required for any part of the test (an exception is if the student is testing remotely)
  • Scratch paper (as determined by the teacher)
  • A quiet, distraction-free testing environment

Students should NOT have:

  • Phones of any variety (this includes smart watches)
  • Physical calculators (unless expressly permitted in an IEP or 504 Plan and marked as an accommodation in DRC INSIGHT PORTAL). Calculators are presented as an online tool for students when needed
  • Tablet or computer that is not the testing device
  • Non-testing audio or video in the room (such as a TV, radio, or smart speaker)